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The Sufi Way

The Sufi Way

“This is the journey for those who search for the real soul for themselves and for the heart. ThePathIt is the walking on the Path which leads to the knowing of who you are and Who Allah is, which is one and the same thing.” — Sidi al-Jamal. Sufism is a  path of attraction to the Light and Love of God; it is an inner way that opens our hearts to God’s reality.  The Sufi way is an ancient spiritual path of love that holds the promise of allowing us to discover who we really are.    This path offers a way for us to return to our true nature, our Divine nature.  It is a path of living in real peace, love, mercy, justice and freedom. Traveling the Sufi path lifts the veils that cover us from knowing the treasures and beauty that God placed inside our hearts so that we can live in peace and happiness. Sufism is a path of Unity that does not make distinctions or differences between people or religions. Sometimes called the mystical expression of Islam, Sufism honors the message of the prophets of the Abrahamic tradition, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Shadhiliyya Sufi tradition, which dates to the late 12th century, is one of growing in love, mercy, peace, freedom, unity and surrender to God.  The guide of our path, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamil ar Rifa’i ash Shadhuli, writes in Music of the Soul, “If everyone knew his religion well, there would be only one religion—the religion of love and peace and mercy.” More information about the teachings of our guide and Sufi practices is available on the web site of our national organization, Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities.

Learn more about the Sufi path

Sufi Center East offers a variety of workshops, events, retreats, and healing programs to help anyone journey more closely to experiencing the deep Love that lies within each heart. Sufis love to experience everything for themselves — a Sufi yearns to “taste” God’s love and light! So come and share your heart at one of our gatherings. Learn about the Sufi way, experience Sufi practices such as dhikr (remembrance), chanting, and Sufi spiritual healing. Everyone is welcome. There’s no charge. See calendar for times, dates and locations.  You can also learn more about each of these offerings on the Gatherings page of this site.

  • Jumah: held every Friday at the Farm of Peace
  • Dhikr (Sufi Healing Circle): held weekly at the Farm of Peace and throughout the region.
  • Free Healing Day: held monthly in Silver Spring, Md.
  • Weekly “al wird” chanting practice by telephone: held on Sunday mornings.
  • Programs: explore the many programs we offer at the Farm of Peace.  Click here for more info.